September 14, 2013

When Klo sent me a photo of her in the red dress as the outfit she would wear the following day I replied with a “HA!”.  Because, who shows up at an 8am photo hike in a red dress and red lips?  KLO DOES.  and i thank her for that!

Taken with the hasselblad (because someone wouldn’t share the contax).

Not so in love with my compositions but the Hasselblad with a 60mm lens is a little different that what i’m typically used to and I was getting a little spoiled with shooting eye level with the contax.

Shaky and badly composed or not.  I had to post the lovely Klo, can we do this again so I can take better photos… :)

55 notes
tags #hasselblad 500cm #film #fuji pro 400h #klo #redwood regional park #oakland #120mm #6x6 #medium format

55 Notes

  1. melissatta said: these are beautiful! i like photohiking with Klo… heheh
  2. cafeaulei said: what a gorgeous friend we have!